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Product overview

With the deepening of  information construction, especially the popularization of e-commerce and e-government, ensuring the integrity and availability of electronic information, the certainty of the identities of the two interacting parties, the non-repudiation of transaction behaviors have become the core security issues concerned in the current information construction process.The promulgation of this law provides a basic legal guarantee for the development of e-commerce and e-government in China.Digital signature supported by digital certificate technology is the technology that most conforms to the requirements of "reliable electronic signature" and "advanced electronic signature" in the electronic signature law at present. This technology has been widely promoted and applied in the fields of e-commerce and e-government in China.

The main application fields of digital signature server including online office system, enterprise information systems, such as electronic trading system need to prevent data in the network been tampered with or have nonrepudiation requirements of business system, it is  widely used in finance, insurance, food, medicine, education, scientific research and other industries, the server can meet various institutions and individuals and institutions between the key data, key operation nonrepudiation requirements, specific deployment pattern as shown below.

Product overview
Product features
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    JIT digital signature server supports the dual-server hot standby function to avoid stand-alone fault; support linkage to mainstream load balance equipment on the current market, and meet the requirement of ensuring product stability under high pressure and concurrence.

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    Based on high-strength two-way authentication, the product ensures the administrator's legal identity. The operating system tailored for the digital signature server closes all ports except the management port and the service port, so as to enhance the anti-attack capability of the product.

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    JIT digital signature server supports multiple data transmission modes, and can directly transfer data or data storage path; support multiple platforms and call of multiple programming languages: providing many types of interface functions, such as JAVA, COM and C.

Product functions

Digital Signature

PKCS#7It supports to make digital signature for data and files, and the signature structure conforms to PKCS#7 standard

Supports validation of signature results that conform to the PKCS#7 standard

Digital envelop

It supports to make digital envelope for data and files. The envelope structure conforms to PKCS#7 standard

Supports decryption of PKCS#7 compliant envelope results

Certificate Validation

Supports validation of root certificates issued by different CA

Support CRL and OCSP

Cross Validation

The digital signatures and envelopes are made strictly in accordance with the PKCS#7 standard and can be verified by other CA

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