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Security Solution Of Tax Electronic Bill Based On PKI/CA

Business background

    Traditional paper bills: There is no encryption and anti-counterfeiting means for the content and information issued on the bills, so some lawbreakers, driven by their interests, resorted to the issuance of fake bills, false bills of real bills, and big ends and small tails to evade national taxes, and appeared later In the process of circulation, the names of commodities were tampered with, and tax fraud was carried out by using preferential policies to obtain huge illegal profits, resulting in a large loss of national taxes.
    Current electronic bills: Based on cryptographic algorithm technology, security authentication methods are adopted for terminal equipment, and integrity and confidentiality protection measures are adopted for bill details, summary information and key information on the face of the bill, effectively ensuring the confidentiality of tax bill information , Completeness, availability and non-repudiation, effectively curbing tax-related crimes and preventing the loss of tax payments.


    Through the PKI/CA digital certificate as reimbursement unit, execution unit and fiscal end user identity, to realize the user login paper strong identity authentication system based on digital certificate mechanism, and USES the certificate application class equipment (digital signature server) to encrypt information on the bill and complete protection, prevent paper information been tampered with and traceable.
    The elements of tax electronic invoice via encryption algorithm to encrypt, and the cipher text printed on the invoice MiMa District, to decrypt the ciphertext to link of tax deduction, decrypted compare the invoice with the invoice elements clear, if the clear information to determine if the invoice is true (that is, has not been tampered with), the password used throughout all of the core business, password system is the core of the electronic ticket system.

Solution Value

Comply with national laws and regulations: tax electronic bills use the security support system to realize electronic signatures, digital certificate management, etc., all digital certificates are unified for the record, in line with relevant national regulations.
Unified identity/authentication: PKI/CA digital certificates are used as the identities of reimbursement units, execution units, and financial end users, systems, and equipment to achieve user login authentication based on digital certificates to ensure that system users, systems and equipment can be identified Letter and security;
Confidentiality, integrity and non-repudiation of bills/post-tracing: Through the application of digital signature and digital envelope technology, the integrity and confidentiality of electronic bill information data are protected to prevent malicious tampering of bill data and ensure the authenticity and credibility of bills , Through the application of digital signature technology to realize the anti-repudiation of various user operation behaviors, and the whole process of tracking and auditing the security of electronic bills.

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