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Security System Planning

Security needs

As a security supervisor, you may be facing the following problems:
How to get rid of the working state of "head to head, foot to foot" and control the safety work as a whole? How to plan information security work to meet the requirements of national information security policy?After basic security product deployment has been completed, how to carry out the next step of security construction? How to build a worry-free security system to achieve sustainable business?

JIT security system planning service can help you: build an overall security system, fully grasp the security link to meet the policy compliance requirements, conduct overall security planning and design the overall development route, carry out systematic system construction from the safety life cycle, and establish a sustainable security mechanism.

Service content

In cloud computing and Internet of things era, the information system environment change a lot, the development trend of cross-border fusion, data sharing and so on to the network safe protection brings new problems in the current environment.Simple pile of security technology can not protect the safety of information system, the scientific system of information security construction planning has become an inevitable.JIT security system planning services aimed at according to the actuality of information system security, combining with the state and the standard requirement of industry policy, relying on more than ten years experience in construction of information security, supply for the customer design the overall security policy security system framework and technical solutions.,safety construction planning to meet customers' comprehensive compliance and continuous safety needs.

Service process

JIT security system planning service covers the whole life cycle of user information security work, emphasizing understanding the current situation, designing security architecture based on the current situation, solving security problems, maintaining the system operation, making the user reasonable and compliant planning security system, making the system complete implementation and continuous improvement.

Service characteristics

Structural analysis of customer security problems, comprehensive coverage, highlighting the key

According to the national information security policy

In accordance with the relevant regulations and standards requirements of the customer's organizational structure network characteristics, business characteristics,targeted solutions to security problems

Meet the customer information system life cycle of continuous security needs

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