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Risk Assessment Services

Security needs

JIT risk assessment service can help you:
Evaluating the possibility of system intrusion, understanding the security vulnerabilities and threats of network, host and application systems, understanding the current security status and security risks, and obtaining the basis for subsequent security construction based on the assessment results.

As a security supervisor, you may be facing the following problems:
Has your organization's website been "hacked" or need to  worry about being "hacked"? What are the major security threats to information systems and networks? Are you aware of the system security status and major security risks? Can reasonable safety construction be carried out according to the current risk situation?

Service content

JIT can do value analysis and the existing security measures, the comprehensive risk analysis, several links such as semi-quantitative analysis was carried out on the information system security risk, clearly show the safety of the information system of the current status, find out potential safety hazard, provide fair, objective and detailed data for decision-making reference, the next step for the customer control and reduce the security risks, improve security and implementing risk management information system provides the basis, through information assets risk assessment service identification and assignment, threat analysis.

Service process

JIT risk assessment service mainly includes the following links: identification and valuation of information assets, threat assessment, vulnerability assessment, assessment of existing security measures and comprehensive risk analysis. Risk assessment is the starting point of information security construction, the user can select the corresponding risk assessment information system of service components according to their own characteristics to ,JIT formulates the corresponding personalized risk assessment scheme, a risk assessment work, eventually forming continuous improvement proposal for risk assessment and safety work  according to user needs, and the specific situation of the information system.

Service characteristics

Best practices based on various risk assessment repositories
Standardized management assessment method based on ISO 27001 and class protection
The standardized evaluation implementation process ensures that the evaluation process is safe and controllable
Through the test to find the deep security hidden trouble of the system, to provide targeted reinforcement recommendations

Risk Assessment Services