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Penetration Testing Services

Security needs

Has your organization's website been "hacked" or need worrying about being "hacked"?
Will the security vulnerabilities at the application level be attacked by hackers through injection, cross-site and other means?
Where are the deep security hidden trouble of the system and how to reinforce and remedy it?
How safe is the system? Can it resist the attack of hackers?

JIT penetration testing service can help you:
Evaluate the possibility of system intrusion
Discover the deep security hidden trouble of the system
Verify the protection strength of existing security measures of the system
Block attack paths that may be exploited before the intruder attacks

Service content

Information security is a dynamic and complex process, it runs through the whole life cycle of information assets and information systems. The security threats and damages of the information system come from internal, external, internal and external cooperation, natural disasters, man-made damage and other aspects, which bring unpredictable security risks to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information handled, transmitted and stored by the information system. How to find out potential security threats and vulnerabilities, reduce the chance of being used, and avoid the disposal cost caused by security incidents is the most severe challenge facing the government and enterprises.
JIT penetration testing services is an intruder way of thinking, combination with tools, and overflow attack code using the technology, simulate the intruder could use the way, found hidden trouble in security network, system, application, thus improve the relevant staff awareness of safety, make them understand that there is a potential risk information systems, neglected security holes, the protective effect and  preventive measures should be paid attention to.

Service process

In order to guarantee the normal operation of the evaluation target, penetrate anomalies caused by hit bottom in the process, we will first object of infiltration policy configuration, operating system and application system for research and formulate reasonable penetration manual, in the process of implementation, to penetrate in strict accordance with the manual work content and steps, and make sure every steps without damage to the online system. In addition, in order to ensure the timely recovery and operation of the online system after the accident, we will establish a simulation environment and back up important data before the penetration test, and ensure the implementation of the pre-determined fallback plan after the accident.

Service characteristics

Professional penetration testers ensure that the system is tested in depth
Standardized penetration testing process and risk aversion means to ensure that the testing process is safe and reliable
Through the test to find the deep security hidden trouble of the system, provide targeted reinforcement recommendations
Provide professional and detailed penetration test report

Penetration Testing Services