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Product overview

Changchun Jilin University Zhengyuan Information Technologies Co., Ltd. Directory Management System developed by Changchun Jilin University Zhengyuan Information Technologies Co., Ltd.based on the new generation independent R&D product platform, is a directory management system with completely independent intellectual property. It, based on international standard components LDAP V3 and LDAP V2, helps and supports government, enterprises and public institutions to safely store PKI, user identities, attributes, authorities and other information. Together with such product lines as PKI of the company, it provides users with complete solutions of identity management, identity authentication, and authority control. Boasting the distributed configuration framework of high query efficiency and supporting various authentication ways, and the flexible and exquisite access control, it can be applied extensively in fields of basic and key information management, such as user information and network resource information. Meanwhile, with fine interoperability, it can conduct data duplication, sharing and interconnection with other directory services based on LDAP V3 standard.

Product overview
Product features
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    This product completely complies with LDAP V2, V3 standards, with the core technical specifications as follows:

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    support the thread pool mechanism and caching mechanism and indexing mechanism

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    Provide multiple authentication modes ,support TLS/SSL, and user certificate chain and CRL authentication in order to ensure the server security.  Able to set detailed access authority for information under a directory as required.

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    Web management mode is simple and efficient. 2、The import and export of LDIF files are supported, and a user can conveniently transfer directory information from one directory server to another. 3、Search operation defined by X.500 international standard provides very flexible query conditions, and can also be expanded as required to meet more complex query needs.

Product functions

Directory server function

Provide management maintenance functions of directory service examples, including addition, starting and stopping of directory service.

Provide unified management for trusted CA certificates, server certificates and client certificates of directory service, including addition, viewing and deletion of certificates.
Provide configuration (basic configuration, advanced configuration, master-slave configuration, index configuration and mode configuration) of directory service and directory monitoring (directory status monitoring) function.
Provide backup and recovery of directories and import and export of data.
Provide access control configuration and restrict the data authority of directory service through access control configuration.
Support management maintenance of trusted CA certificates for directory service, including the functions of adding the trusted root certificate and CRL verification, etc.
Master-slave directory replication supports two modes, namely push mode initiated by the master and pull mode initiated by the slave.
Provide system configuration import and export as well as system backup and recovery functions.
View and import system logs.
Provide business audit management function, including business log query and business audit manager management.
Provide system audit management function, including management log query, log archive and system audit manager management.

Directory client

Maintenance of connection management (provide a variety of login security authentication level).

Trusted CA certificate management, including import, view, delete trusted CA certificate.
Client certificate management, including import, view, delete the client certificate, re set the client certificate storage password.
Add entries, including add data, add downward referral.
Modify entries, including modify data, modify downward referral.
Query entries, including streamlined and advanced query.
Statistics entries,conduct statistics on entries in the directory and export statistical results.
Delete entries.
Import and export LDIF file.

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