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Product overview

With the rapid development of information technology, the information system based on network construction has been widely used for its high efficiency and convenience, such as e-government, e-commerce, online securities, online banking, enterprise telecommuting and so on.More and more important businesses are processed by means of network informatization, and more and more sensitive business information is transferred and interactive in network. How to protect the access security of these important resources and the flow security of important data is an important problem facing the information system.

 Authentication gateway is a product based on the encrypted techniques, achieve network application strong identity authentication, data transmission security of security products, support the PKI/CA (public key infrastructure) system, through technical means, such as digital certificate encryption, authentication, for application of access of users to provide strong authentication, data encryption, access control, audit and other services, ensure that the user access, data transmission, data access control, available, and manageable.

Product overview
Product features
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    Support for multi-service system single sign-on :The system supports single sign-on between multiple business systems, that is, one login and multiple use. After the user authenticates through the gateway, the system authentication platform maintains the session information of the user through the secure cookie mechanism. When the user logs in to the service system, the user does not need to be authenticated again. It greatly simplifies the steps for users to log in to the business system and make the application smoother.

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    Support for multiple application publishing methods : Publishing on the Gateway Built-in Portal,publishing on the user service centralized portal,Client Publishing

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    Support multiple authentication modes On the authentication credential type, the system supports the function of identity authentication through multiple credentials such as digital certificate and username password. For the user name and password authentication method, the system supports user authentication through local and Windows AD.

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    Flexible authentication and access control mechanisms :application Access Control,third-party permission source support

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    Communication link protection :The identity authentication gateway server supports user-to-gateway communication link encryption and customization. Users can create multiple encrypted communication links to protect different application services respectively, or use the same encrypted communication link to protect multiple application services. At the same time, in the application scenario where the application efficiency needs to be high, the user can select whether the communication link needs encryption protection, which can greatly improve the efficiency of application access.

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    Support any protocol based on TCP/UDP: The authentication gateway server supports a variety of TCP/UDP-based B/S or C/S-based business systems, and supports all major web servers (Tomcat, Websphere, WebLogic, IIS, JBoss, etc.) for WEB applications. The administrator only needs to define the applications to be supported on the server through a simple management interface, and configure the ports used by the server.

Product functions

Unified identity authentication

Support PKI/CA based on digital certificate authentication

Support client hardware identity uniqueness verification

Support KEY

Support strong auditing

Support detailed records of user behavior, to achieve accountability

Support audit log linkage outgoing to centralized audit system

Professional hardware and software integration design, easy to deploy, manage and maintain

Support SNMP protocol for centralized management and monitoring

Seamless access to the application environment

Support up to 1000 C/S, B/S architecture application system environment

Support the winning kirin and other domestic operating system


Support access through VPN

Support multiple encryption algorithms

Support RSA、ECC

Support RSA1024,RSA2048,RSA4096

Realize automatic switching of arbitrary state secret and RSA algorithm

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