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Product overview

With more and more extensive application of information technology, people pay more attention to information security, and the investment in information security construction is also increasing.In the construction of information security, an important content is terminal security. The uncontrollably spread of virus and worm in the network and the leakage of work information have seriously affected the smooth development of daily work.Although many organizations have established the terminal management system and terminal operation standards, terminal security problems still cannot be effectively alleviated due to the lack of effective technical measures for terminal security management.


Rock terminal security system is a product designed for terminal security protection, which can solve the security threats encountered in the use of terminal computers, ensure the security of users' terminal data, avoid the malicious theft of user terminal computer data resulting in serious losses.Rock terminal security system mainly includes security login, file encryption and decryption, safe deposit box and other functions.The security login function guarantees the security of the terminal computer system login process.File encryption and decryption, safe deposit box to ensure the terminal computer storage of the file security.Rock terminal security system realizes the terminal computer system "can not enter", "can not understand", thus ensuring the security of terminal computing.

Product overview
Product features
  • 1

    Identification and related security control policies are issued by the server

  • 2

    Authorizes users temporarily without a key to log the computer under constraints Centralized policy implementation

  • 3

    Safe and flexible ,each user has a scalable private data encryption protection space No key login emergency

  • 4

    Automatic management of user certificates, automatic registration to the server, support for automatic update of user certificates

Product functions

Secure Logon

Provide secure login based on digital certificate and strengthen identity authentication mechanism

File encryption and decryption

Provide file encryption and decryption function, users can flexibly define encryption and decryption files

Safety deposit box

Provide real

Operational behavior audit

Provides user and administrator action behavior audits

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