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Product overview

Changchun Jilin University Zhengyuan Information Technologies Co., Ltd. PKI digital certificate authentication system is researched and developed on the basis of original JIT product and with combination of features of similar products at home and abroad. JIT PKI digital certificate authentication system increases the flexibility for issuing various types of certificates by supporting certificate template. In addition, JIT PKI digital certificate authentication system also supports online certificate status query and supports hardware encryption equipment and various database platforms. JIT PKI digital certificate authentication system has flexible product component configuration and can be selectively configured according to users’ different requirements so as to create a set of secure, stable, practical and fast digital certificate management platform for users.

Changchun Jilin University Zhengyuan Information Technologies Co., Ltd. PKI digital certificate authentication system is a comprehensive management system for applying, verifying, issuing, revoking, updating and querying digital certificates. Digital certificates issued by JIT CA Server in this comprehensive system conform to X.509v3 specification. When a certificate is valid, the public key can be ensured to be one-to-one correspondence to determined entity. This system meets all requirements as world advanced CA authentication center system software. Comprehensive service of information security can be provided for users through digital certificates issued by CA Server:

  Confidentiality - ensure information is confidential

  Integrity - inspect that information is not tampered

  Identity authentication - verify the identity of individual or authority

  Non-repudiation - ensure information or operation cannot be repudiated

Changchun Jilin University Zhengyuan Information Technologies Co., Ltd. PKI digital certificate authentication system applies international advanced technical standard, has high-strength encryption algorithm, high-reliability security mechanism and perfect management and configuration strategy and provides automatic key and certificate management service.

Product overview
Product features
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    Rich certificate business functions: Role-based authorization management,Multi-level CAs support,Powerful certificate template function,User-defined items support ,Cross certification support,OCSP support,Powerful user management supported by RA server

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    Flexible deployment and convenient operation: In B/S service mode, installation and deployment can be done only on server side, making deployment convenient and flexible. All management operations can be finished via a browser without installation of any client software. A management terminal is securely connected to a server by SSL.

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    Complete conformity with international PKI construction standards :The JIT PKI system is in complete conformity with related international PKI standards.

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    High security of system platform:Communications security,Data security,Personnel security,Refined audit means are support.

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    Scalability of system architecture :As a support platform for establishing credit, the PKI system must be scalable and able to develop with organization development, while meeting various emerging requirements and achieving integration and extension with various application systems. What are stated above has been fully considered in designing the JIT PKI digital certificate authentication system.

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    Good usability and secure & unified management mode :A client visits the system based on a browser. Only simple clicks can complete a business operation. Pages are clear and concise, easy for operators to use.

Product functions

CA Server

As the core of JIT digital certificate authentication system, is responsible for management functions such as issuing and revoking all certificates and publishing certificate revocation lists.

RA Server

As JIT digital certification authentication approval system, is an extension to services such as certificate issuance and management and is responsible for entering and verifying the information of all certificate applicants as well as managing issued certificates.

OCSP Server

As JIT online certificate status query system, provides real-time certificate status query service for certificate application. OCSP Server system completely conforms to RFC2560 standard and ensures universality, and any product conforming to RFC2560 standard can be conveniently connected with OCSP Server for certificate status query.

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