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Product overview

With the popularization of electronic transactions, the security of electronic transactions has gradually become the focus of people's attention. However, to ensure the non-repudiation of transactions, it is impossible to rely on pure digital signature technology.In order to achieve non-repudiation, not only the transaction data needs to be digitally signed, but also the proof-of-existence of the transaction data must be guaranteed at a certain time.This is usually done with timestamps.


JIT timestamp server is a TSA hardware product developed based on PKI technology.It uses precise time source, high strength, high standard of security mechanism, the server can provide users with accurate, and non-repudiation of the timestamp service.At the same time it can strictly follow international standards (RFC3161) and RFC2630 two timestamp the timestamp of the agreement  through the HTTP protocol, with a standard timestamp request, timestamp reply and timestamp coding format, it has good compatibility, suitable for electronic medical records, electronic insurance policy and program code signing in the process of release time sensitive business scenario.

Product overview
Product features
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    Based on high-strength two-way authentication, the product ensures the administrator's legal identity. The operating system tailored for the timestamp server closes all ports except the management port and the service port, so as to enhance the anti-attack capability of the product.

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    JIT timestamp server supports various data import modes, such as direct data import or data import into storage path; it supports the use of multiple platforms and programming languages, and provides various types of interface functions such as JAVA, COM and C.

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    Design and development of JIT timestamp server strictly follow relevant technical specifications. For time-stamping and timestamp verification services provided externally, the structure conforms to standards RFC3161 and RFC2630. In addition, the product supports certificates of multiple CA authorities in accordance with the standard X509 v3.

Product functions

TimeStap Server

Support for making and validating RFC3161 compliant timestamps

Support for making and validating RFC2630 compliant timestamps

Support for PDF, Microsoft Sign Code tools to provide timestamp services

Trusted time source

Support to provide accurate time data to users by manually or automatically synchronizing system time through the NTP time server

Database management

Configuration Management

Support serial port management, WEB management 

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